About Us

Our Story

Started as hobby has become a side-hustle. Between raising a child and spending time with my family. I found time for something extra

As i talk about my main profession and knowledge i got a lot of questions of people to help them with their digital problems. As i always found best solutions for the problems of my clients. We always reach the best result for the client, we only want happy customers!

Why we are different

We talk with our clients, we communicate on a level that can be annoying for some, but it wil always finish in the best result. The key for a successful project is communication. We want to offer the best solution in webshops or apps, that is why we use our own hosting. Cause we know it wil be the best, and if it doesn’t fit the project then we will search a better solution! 

We work for our clients! 


The best way to a perfect project, we love personal contact!

Your digital support

We are most of the time available for your problems!

For each problem a solution

No problem is too big for us! If we can't fix it, we will reach out to our network.

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