Here is where i start

Hey, my name is Tyas Lambrechts.

I’m a Full stack developer, with a big passion for developing and exploring new technology’s.
I was considering to start a blog, so I just did it. Not really in my comfort zone but Hey live challenges outside your comfort zone.
What are you going to read on this blog? I am trying to tell you guys my story how I got here and how I am growing.
I will write some great and awesome grammar mistakes, cause I learned my languages on my self. Sorry for that.
This is my first post and will start here. But in the following days I will write new posts and try to share this blog to the open world.
I hope you would help me to reach a lot of viewers and let them feel what I feel and reach together what we are fighting for.

I will write allot of tech stuf in this blog, but there will be other things adressed too.
Some blog posts wil even be written in dutch.

So who the hell is this guy? Simply I am a guy from Belgium that was born in 1995.

Started at school as welder and did go to college Karel de-Grote for 2.5 years as student in Multimedia Technology.

I learned some awesome stuff from LED to making games and 3D models. After those years i just didn’t pass trough my math and quitted college.

As far as i am, i got an opportunity to start join a .NET Boot camp by the company Team4Talent and now i am where i am. It is my passion to find in today’s technology the way to make it technology of yesterday. I stand with pride right than a modest man. In my work I am dedicated, accurate, analytical, disciplined and inventive. Some of my positive attributes by the voice of people around are : passionate, inquisitive, humoristicsocial, proud and responsible. You can count on me! I like team workfriendship and a laugh. I always try to stay positive and that to move up to those around me. In my spare time I’m both dj as gamer. I like to be behind the turntables and do a lot of sports. also I like to explore the world, network and spend a lot of time to friends.

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